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Warning: This book contains violence, strong sexual content, disturbing historical events and is intended to be read by mature audiences

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A guide to life from a loving father to his millennial daughters

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First Series: Family and friends, winning personal habits, and personal development

Second Series: Your other half, you and your money, and health and well-being.


Third Series: Winning work habits, forging a career worth having, and creating a safe haven through hobbies and interests.


A fast-paced sensual thriller, with a dark historical past

"This book rates well up there. Lee Child's has Jack Reacher and the one lady he is hooking up with and the enemy. This book with a multitude of characters up against the enemy and the increased level of description makes it more interesting."

“Fantastic, page turner with non-stop, fast-paced action along with a couple of “sub plots” running at the same time.”


"Fast based action and I wanted to turn the page and continue to the next chapter."

“Pat Storm in one book has placed himself as today's new sensual action-adventure writer-  and will leave people hungering for more.”

"Captivating. The characters stayed with me for weeks."

“Includes surprisingly deep underlying relationships to add an emotional punch to the story. This author knows how to deftly balance the action and the romance, toggling between the two to keep the reader in a constant state of tension.”