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On a wet Vienna night, two lovers are interrupted by Russian mercenaries. Christina, a Romanian model, is the sex slave of Vadim, a Russian oligarch, and she has escaped with Dorak, one of Vadim's bodyguards, with the contents of Vadim’s safe. Dorak is to be taken to an isolated farm house and tortured for the whereabouts of the gold. However, the dark past of Srebrenica reveals itself. A chase thriller with a sensual backbone with strong female leads who would give Lisbeth Salander a run for her money.

This 120,000 words thriller is a must read for Stieg Larsson fans!

This super-charged irresistible tour de force about protagonists who while fighting their inner demons are also fighting for their lives.

Pat Storm's first novel is an unforgettable masterpiece of suspense, intrigue, and the machinations of the human heart.

Utilising the e-book format, Pat Storm is providing two different versions of the same plot: fast-paced thriller that focuses on the action, and a romantic thriller that focuses more pages on the relationships.

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Warning: This book is for mature readers.

Series 1: Family and friends, winning personal habits, and personal development.

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Series 2: Your other half, you and your money, and health and well-being.

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Series 3: Winning work habits, forging a career worth having, and managing millennials using hidden gems from the past.

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A chase thriller, with a sensual backbone and a dark historical past

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The sudden death of a friend, who was younger and fitter than me, has been a reminder that there is no guarantee I will be around.  So, just in case, here are some of the things that might be useful to you on your journey.  Whilst this three-part series was written with you in mind, I hope it is also useful to any of your peers who happen to come across it.  The advice contained in this series has come from discussions I had with my parents, attending self-development courses, making mistakes, and absorbing information from subject experts.

"This book rates well up there. Lee Child's has Jack Reacher and the one lady he is hooking up with and the enemy. This book with a multitude of characters up against the enemy and the increased level of description makes it more interesting."

“Fantastic, page turner with non-stop, fast-paced action along with a couple of “sub plots” running at the same time.”


"Fast based action and I wanted to turn the page and continue to the next chapter."

“Pat Storm in one book has placed himself as today's new sensual action-adventure writer-  and will leave people hungering for more.”

"Captivating. The characters stayed with me for weeks."

“Includes surprisingly deep underlying relationships to add an emotional punch to the story. This author knows how to deftly balance the action and the romance, toggling between the two to keep the reader in a constant state of tension.”

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