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A chase thriller, with a sensual backbone and a dark historical past

The Long Road to Redemption

This book contains no get rich quick schemes, just old-fashioned, tried and tested, “Don’t say I never told you” style financial advice for savvy millennials.

Wealthy people won’t say they're rich, they’ll say they're comfortable. And if you really think about it, comfortable sounds marvellous. 


Your comfortable car could be a C class Mercedes with leather seats and the heated massage function. Your comfortable home could have a cosy fireplace and a very comfortable jacuzzi. Comfortable holidays could feel like not needing to rush around and do everything in 4 days because you could afford a comfortable 7 days, and a comfortable lifestyle could look like being able to easily afford a membership at prestigious golf club.


The best thing about comfortable is that it’s attainable for anyone who is willing to be patient and take the right steps, one at a time. 


You don’t need to join a pyramid scheme or sell your soul to a devilish company with a tyrannical CEO, instead, by taking tried and tested advice that has worked for millennia, you can save yourself from financial mistakes that have cost many people I know, their dreamy comfortable retirement. 


This book includes content on:

  • Finding Wally - tips to help you find a life partner worth keeping

  • Guidelines when weighing up ‘Should I stay or should I go’ from a relationship

  • Importance of identifying your and your partner’s love languages

  • How to separate without funding the legal profession

  • The twenty tips when buying your first home

  • Tips to secure your financial future

  • How to avoid dumb investments

  • How to avoid buying a ‘lemon’ of a car

  • How to get your fines waived

  • How to complete your life’s purpose (your Ikigai) and your treasure map so your life has a direction you have actively chosen

  • How to handle your personal baggage

  • How to ascertain your natural talents to ensure a better career fit

  • Making sure your career is as secure as a hedgehog

  • How to use ‘Magnetic Marketing’ to find a better job

  • Steps to help you find the right job and avoid being conned

  • What to check when intending to make a major career change

  • Tips to make you feel more comfortable as a manager

  • How to make progress renovating your first home

Life skills to master for a more comfortable life

‘New-Age’ and ‘Old-Age’ life skills for the savvy millennial

Tried and tested life advice from the author of “How to become comfortable” . This book contains new-age thinking mixed in with tried and tested advice that can move you forward to a more comfortable life.  It started as a handbook for my daughters as the sudden death of a friend, who was younger and fitter than me, reminded me that I might not be around to offer sound advice when needed. 

Life will have thrown you many curved balls already. You have survived but there is some long-term scarring. You may have invested in friendships that were a one-way street, failed to master the basics of time management, allowed envy and your personal baggage to get in the way of a comfortable life, developed career limiting work habits, the list goes on. This book will help you avoid repeating these mistakes.

The best thing about comfortable is that it’s attainable for anyone who is willing to take the right steps and avoid the many and varied pitfalls.

Your comfortable life could be supported by friends who have your back. It could be one where the past no longer haunts your future. It could be where your personal and work habits maximize your potential. And where the demons that hold you back are exorcised.

This book contains content on:

  • The six types of friends

  • Being more effective with your time

  • How to face tough times

  • How to complete your life’s purpose (your Ikigai) and your treasure map so your life has a direction you have actively chosen

  • How to handle your personal baggage

  • How to master effective communication and your anger

  • How to negotiate to a “Yes”

  • You and your mental health

  • Simple things to do to increase your survival odds when driving

  • Embracing abandonment- the most important life skill

  • Creating strong and healthy work relationships

  • Handling office drama and a ‘bully of a boss’

  • The importance of a second passion, a respite from stress

On a wet Vienna night, two lovers are interrupted by Russian mercenaries. Christina, a Romanian model, is the sex slave of Vadim, a Russian oligarch, and she has escaped with Dorak, one of Vadim's bodyguards, with the contents of Vadim’s safe. Dorak is to be taken to an isolated farmhouse and tortured for the whereabouts of the gold. However, the dark past of Srebrenica reveals itself.


It is a chase thriller with a sensual backbone and strong female leads who would give Lisbeth Salander a run for her money. A must-read for Stieg Larsson fans!

This super-charged, irresistible tour de force is about protagonists who, while fighting their inner demons, are also fighting for their lives.

Reader's review, "Pat Storm's first novel is an unforgettable masterpiece of suspense, intrigue, and the machinations of the human heart."

Pat Storm is providing a fast-paced spicy thriller that will enlighten many readers' sex lives.

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Series 1: Family and friends, winning personal habits, and personal development. US$

Series 2: Your other half, you and your money, and health and well-being.

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Series 3: Winning work habits, forging a career worth having, and managing millennials using hidden gems from the past.

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"This book rates well up there. Lee Child's has Jack Reacher and the one lady he is hooking up with and the enemy. This book with a multitude of characters up against the enemy and the increased level of description makes it more interesting."

“Fantastic, page turner with non-stop, fast-paced action along with a couple of “sub plots” running at the same time.”


"Fast based action and I wanted to turn the page and continue to the next chapter."

“Pat Storm in one book has placed himself as today's new sensual action-adventure writer-  and will leave people hungering for more.”

"Captivating. The characters stayed with me for weeks."

“Includes surprisingly deep underlying relationships to add an emotional punch to the story. This author knows how to deftly balance the action and the romance, toggling between the two to keep the reader in a constant state of tension.”

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