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30+ tasks to minimise your own personal baggage

Extract from ‘Don’t Say I Never Told You’ Series 1

-A guide to life from a loving father to his millennial daughters

Since you entered this world, you like the rest of us have developed traits and habits that will limit your potential.  You will always be running with a cylinder or two misfiring unless you fully understand your behaviour patterns and their impact on those around you.

You do not need to have handled all of your personal baggage to function well.  The key is the awareness of your weaknesses.  You owe it to your colleagues, your family, partner, friends etc to do something about your personal baggage.

The 30+ tasks to minimise your personal baggage

  1. Have you attended an Enneagram workshop?

  2. Have you attended a Hermann’s Thinking Preferences workshop?

  3. Have you attended an Intensive life skills course which normally involves a whole weekend plus some during the week evenings?

  4. Have you attended an anger management workshop?

  5. Have you processed any family drama that may be affecting your current relationships in therapy sessions?

  6. Have you attended any couple counselling or couple communication courses with your current or with a previous partner?

  7. Have you attended any counselling sessions to help process some personal drama that is holding you back?

  8. Have you attended Neuro-Linguistic Programming counselling to tackle reoccurring negative thoughts?

  9. Have you tackled any addictions that may be holding you back?

  10. Have you spent time planning out your life’s purpose? (your Ikigai)

  11. Have you set your major goals for the next year? (your treasure map)

  12. Have you processed your fears that are holding you back from participating fully in your life?

  13. Is feeling guilty an uncommon emotion for you?

  14. Are you able to move on without reliving regret?

  15. Have you processed what is behind the disorder you create in your life?

  16. Have you got control over your inner critic?

  17. Are you free of any post-traumatic stress disorder?

  18. Are you able to make sufficient eye contact in conversations?

  19. Can you make friends and associates easily?

  20. Is the mantra, “Love thy neighbour as thy self” evident in the way you live your life?

  21. Can share your issues, concerns with close friends?

  22. Have you built a good base of friends who have your back?

  23. Are you in touch with your emotions and able to express them to your family, life partner, friends and colleagues?

  24. Can you freely express love when you feel it?

  25. Do you see anger as a negative trait rather than a good release valve?

  26. Is losing your temper a very rare event?

  27. Have you dealt with any grief or hurt that was significant in the past?

  28. Can you avoid taking adversity personally realizing that adversity is part of life?

  29. Can you face adversity calmly?

  30. Addiction management and self-regulation

  31. Are you free of any addiction that adversely affected your health?

  32. Are you able to say you have a strong ‘self-regulation’ trait?

  33. Are you comfortable with closeness and intimacy with your partner?

  34. Have you processed any feelings of neediness so that you are not in need of constant reassurance?

  35. Have you processed any control tendencies so that you can go with the flow when it is right and appropriate to do so?

  36. Have you processed past events so that they are not still replaying now?

  37. Have you processed any abuse you received in the past with [professional help?  (in any of its forms)

Extract from ‘Don’t Say I Never Told You’ Series 1

-A guide to life from a loving father to his millennial daughters

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