Is your collection of friends balanced?

“..some friends are more equal than others.  Robin Dunbar an anthropologist and psychologist believes that we can have up 150 people who we know by face and name.  I believe these 150 people can be grouped into six types of friends”

  • Your ‘bury the body for’ friends are the top 5.  If they called you, late at night, and needed help you would be there.

  • Your ‘hobby’ friends are in the top 15. These friends have similar interests.  You might share a passion for sports, hobbies, religion, work, politics, food, music, movies, or books.

  • Your ‘mentor’ friends are in the top 50. These are friends that you turn to for sympathy when you need it, the ones you can confide in about most things.

  • Your ‘energizer’ friends. These would be in the top 150. These are your ‘good time friends’ who can make a good day great.  However, when times are tough, you are ill, or even in hospital do not expect them to be around. 

The key is to have balance and to rekindle some friendships you have left unattended.

Extract from ‘Don’t Say I Never Told You’ Series 1: A guide to life from a loving father to his millennial daughters