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How to find a partner worth keeping - The 30 Deal Breakers

Extract from ‘Don’t Say I Never Told You’ Series 2

-A guide to life from a loving father to his millennial daughters

Modern day dating apps need to used with care. Fortunately, authors such as Rebekah Campbell (author of '38 Dates') and Amy Webb (author of 'Data, A Love Story: How I gamed online dating to meet my mate') have suggested a much better an safer route. This checklist summarises their advice.

The Ten Deal Beakers (Before First Date)

  1. Within age range

  2. Have face timed

  3. Plausible reason for dating

  4. Their photos on social media indicate that you are compatible (lifestyle, activities etc.)

  5. Their social profile has been thoughtfully written. Indicating that they are not hiding from a past relationship

  6. Happy to share their full name and organisation where they work

  7. Searches on Google image search, LinkedIn, Twitter advanced search and Instagram confirms their story, their age etc.

  8. Has interests in activities/hobbies that I like

  9. Other____________________

  10. Other____________________

The Six Deal Beakers (After Second Date)

1.     There is an attraction

2.     Makes me laugh

3.     Accomplished but humble

4.     Is prepared to get a blood test done for STDs before you take it to another level

5.     Other____________________

6.     Other____________________

The Fourteen Deal Beakers (After Three Months)

1.     Is prepared to sign a relationship agreement before our second anniversary

2.     Intimacy: A mutually satisfying giving and receiving of sensual pleasure

3.     Good channels of communication - gets on well with my family and friends

4.     Similar values (morals, honesty, truthfulness etc.)

5.     They have my back e.g., supportive of my career, my views etc.

6.     They treat others well

7.     Challenges and stimulates me - from the relationship you become a better you

8.     Have started to or processed their baggage from the past and have control over their anger

9.     Have a shared vision of the future e.g., compatible view on children, finances, nesting Vs a nomad’s life, pets

10. They give me space and are not jealous when I spend time with my friends

11. Not addicted to drugs or alcohol

12. Have a compatible lifestyle

13. Other____________________

14. Other____________________

Extract from ‘Don’t Say I Never Told You’ Series 2

-A guide to life from a loving father to his millennial daughters

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