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The Long Road to Redemption

A chase thriller, with a romantic backbone and a dark historical past, by a new author Pat Storm.

Warning: This book contains violence, sexual content and language that might offend readers.

With quirky, unforgettable heroines and damaged men hell-bent on a collision course, this book has a pulse-pounding plot-line. 

At the start of it all, Dorak (a Russian bodyguard) and Christina (a sex trafficked mistress), who have escaped Vadim (a Russian oil oligarch), are on their way to freedom but they have underestimated the sophistication of Vadim's security team.


A series of events unfold throwing two brothers Dorak and Amer (a Bosnian torturer), separated by the Srebrenica massacre,  together requiring them to outwit a Dutch ex-mercenary who is hired by Vadim.  With the assistance of Sakura (a Japanese sensual masseuse), Abiha (a Bosnian war trauma counsellor) and Dastabar (an Iranian Zoroastrian priest) they commence a long endgame. 


Filled with the kind of Eastern European history you won’t read in the history books, the novel blends the three nail-biting attributes; page-turning adventure, arousing intimacy and sassy independent women who would give Lisbeth Salander a run for her money.

This is a must read for Stieg Larsson fans!


This romantic thriller is set in 1999 covering Srebrenica, Northern Italy, UK, Texas and Russia with back stories to the Srebrenica massacres 1993-1995 and the Iran/Iraqi war. 

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